The Duchess

Leave behind all society conventions and expectations, and join us at our secret liquor library located over the roofs of Budapest, to explore the uncharted territory of your true self.

Our past lies in the vision of the Palace’s founder, Her Imperial and Royal Highness Maria Klotild who ask the famous architects of the palace, Floris Korb and Kalman Giergel, to set up a glamorous rooftop hideaway as a rendezvous for the Decadence Movement, and where she can share “joie de vivre” with the socialites of the city.

Paired with a cutting-edge décor —courtesy of award-winning MKV design London— that cannot fail to impress from the moment you step in, the experience created by the renowned Masterchef Wolfgang Puck is truly unique, not only in Budapest, but also in Europe.

Our curated selection is tailored for those not afraid of sharpening their senses and enjoying life to the fullest. The bar serves a collection of its finest liquors, unique cocktails and exceptional wines.

Come late night, The Duchess metamorphoses into the hottest scene in town where the chill tunes of the DJs meet the spectacular fireworks to light up your night, with sprinkles of our signature cocktails, high-end spirits, champagne and raw bar menu blends, all above a vibrant Danube River that elegantly gives passage to its cruises under the Elisabeth Bridge.

The Duchess offers the perfect setting for the world of decadent luxury you’ve always wanted to wallow in, by allowing you to leisurely lose yourself in the city’s most enticing bar story.

Welcome to the time of decadence and high drama through exquisite culinary, mixology and a carefully curated soundtrack.

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