Can you find
The Duchess?

Hidden gem among Budapest's famed roofscape, The Duchess is a secret liquor library that shines a new perspective on Budapest vistas.

1st Anniversary of Matild Palace

The Duchess is inviting you to taste her most special cocktails and to raise your glass for all the memorable nights spent in her secret liquor library in the past one year!

Inspired by the Archduchess Maria Klotild, who commissioned the Matild Palace to include a clandestine rooftop section as a rendezvous retreat for the Decadence Movement, the uber-chic bar is accessed through a hidden entrance of private elevators that beam the guests right up to another world.

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Paired with a cutting-edge décor—courtesy of award-winning MKV design London—that cannot fail to impress from the moment you step in, the experience created by the renowned Masterchef Wolfgang Puck is truly unique, not only in Budapest, but also in Europe.

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The bar serves a collection of its finest liquors, unique cocktails and exceptional wines.

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Can you find The Duchess?